Frequently Asked Questions

GMC is a sophisticated matchmaking service for highly successful gay men.
  • Decision makers
  • Goal-oriented
  • Busy, accomplished men from virtually every chosen life path
  • High achievers ranging in age from their 30's to 60's
  • More than 90% have advanced degrees
  • Average annual income is more than 6-digits
  • 7-figure average net worth
  • Travel often, exotic vacations, spa-goers
  • Have multiple residences
  • Attend theater and cultural events
  • Health conscious
  • Fashion conscious
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In ordinary dating services everyone pays a fee which allows them to choose other members. At GMC Partners we search on behalf of our Clients -- Since our Clients have engaged us for the search, they pay our fee and expect us to be discerning – even discriminating – in order to arrange the best possible match. There is never a charge for Applicants who apply to meet our Clients.
The service works best for Clients who understand that we can't guarantee that we'll find your life-partner. What we can guarantee is that we'll work with you until you find someone with whom you have a good chance of starting a long term relationship. We may find him right away, or more likely, it will take time. The process is equally as important as the outcome. Together, we will work with you to achieve your ultimate goal of finding that lasting and meaningful relationship that you deserve.
We are not geographically limited, and therefore our introductions are made based on the requirements of our Clients. If we can meet their needs and make an introduction in their general area then that is our first goal. We never want to disqualify a match however based upon location.
No. Most of our Clients prefer to meet someone who lives in their own geographical location. There are exceptions to this, but most are seeking local partners.
A successful relationship is defined as a committed or exclusive partnership of six months or longer, is usually accompanied by cohabitation, a domestic partnership or gay marriage (where applicable). It is also attained by a Client’s declaration of success, and an accompanying request for GMC to terminate the search and recruiting process.
No -- we guarantee our Clients privacy and therefore do not provide Client references.
The company has been engaged in creating partnerships for gay men for over ten years.

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